Tactical Breaching


A tactical entry, sometimes referred to as tactical breaching or forced entry, is achieved through various techniques.

Some of the most tried and trusted breaching techniques are:

Tactical Breaching is a necessary and critical skillset for law enforcement and military Special Operations Teams. Often the success of an overall operation can be dependent upon the initial breach of the target location. Until recent times, breaching was not given a great deal of attention, and almost considered an afterthought. In the last twenty years a great deal of effort and resources have been put into breaching and it is now viewed as not only a common skill that all tactical personnel should have a basic understanding of, but also an advanced specialty skillset. This is particularly true with explosive breaching.

Kodiak Tactical Systems provides breaching tools and training aids for both manual breaching and mechanical breaching applications and this article will focus primarily on Manual and Mechanical Breaching.


Manual Breaching consists of using tools and methods that are powered by the individual operator with no external power source being employed. For example, the forcing open of a door through the use of sledgehammers, bolt cutters and even battering rams which rely on nothing more than the kinetic energy generated by the individual performing the breach.

Mechanical breaching consists of forcing entry through an existing or creating a breach point in a structure with the use of tools that require an external energy source, aka power tools, or hydraulic tools such as power saws and hydraulic spreaders. In other words, the tools employed during the breaching process utilize an external power source to create the energy and effect the breach. other than the kinetic energy produced by the individual performing the breach.

Ballistic and vehicle assisted breaching are topics to be covered in another article.

Surreptitious entry, a less talked about but no less effective method of tactical entry, is another topic altogether. This involves entering the structure quietly and often without damage, using tools and techniques such as lockpicking.

Explosive breaching is an extremely specialized and highly effective method of tactical breaching which will not be covered in this article. There are several well recognized breaching training companies that teach explosive breaching and those courses are the best places to go for more information on explosive breaching. One of the premier schools for all methods of breaching, especially explosive breaching is Tactical Energetic Entry Systems.


Kodiak Tactical Breaching Tools are designed to support the Law Enforcement, Military and Government communities for Tactical Entry, Training and Rescue Operations.

Kodiak breaching tools are developed to meet the most rigorous requirements and are continually expanding their inventory to develop new breaching tools that provide agencies with essential equipment at affordable prices. Kodiak Tactical Systems is unique in that they do custom manufacturing, and while having a set line of standard breaching tools, they routinely modify their existing tools, or produce totally new tools based on client’s specific mission requirements. Because Kodiak is the manufacturer, and not getting the products from a third party, there is usually no minimum quantity required for custom orders.

Regardless of which type of breaching is being employed, the overarching priority is the safety of the entry team members and any other individuals in proximity to the breach point and target location. In these times it is critical to minimize the exposure of innocent civilians, hostages and even criminal actors as much as possible.

The realization that Tactical Breaching is a critical, life-saving skillset continues to gain acceptance among leaders and administrators in the military, law enforcement, and rescue communities.

Kodiak Tactical Systems is committed to providing the highest quality and craftsmanship of Breaching Tools and training aids for Tactical Training and Operational use by the military and law enforcement tactical communities.

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