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Tactical Equipment, Training Aids, MOUT Enhancements, and Custom Manufacturing

It is well known that to be successful, you need to be prepared. In a critical incident you will fight as you have trained. So when the time to fight has come, hopefully your training has prepared you to succeed.

Kodiak Tactical Systems is dedicated to developing and manufacturing the products you need to succeed.  Our staff consists of current and former law enforcement officers and trainers, current and retired military personnel, and SWAT Operators, and  manufacturing professionals, all of whom are masters in their field of expertise.  All of these professionals design, test, and evaluate our products before they are offered to you.

We warranty all of our products to the highest standards in the industry and promise to deliver the best in customer support.  Our web site is currently just a snapshot of our product line, so if you don't see it here, it doesn't mean we don't have access to it. We have developed a network of dedicated partners offering a broad range of products and services. Please check back in with us soon and see our new products and services.

Prices for our products are available upon request.